Information About Your Penis…

Penis Physiology – a brief guide to help you understand better what facilitates or hinders erections at a physiological level.

Information and Self-Help Resources for Common Sexual Difficulties

Common difficulties experienced by men/people with a penis are premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and low desire. Below are some leaflets explaining what these issues are and how to manage them:

Rapid Ejaculation – understanding sexual arousal, why you may have rapid ejaculation, and ways it can be managed.

Techniques for Delaying Ejaculation– using the ‘stop-start’ technique to control and delay ejaculation through graded exercises.

Low desire – common reasons for low desire for sex

Kegel Exercises for People With A Penis – How to do Kegel exercises that can help with erections and ejaculation.

Mindful Masturbation for People With A Penis– a guide to practising masturbation in a positive, helpful, and mindful way.

Self-help Techniques for Enjoyable Sex

Sensate Focus – a guide to explore sensuality with your partner by connecting mindfully with your senses.

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